My name earnt me $60?

Gamble. A popular Google search phrase (30.1M results) and also my surname.

This blog appears high in searches for my name and has a PageRank of 2 which appears to have made advertising on this site an attractive proposition for some people.

Sadly “Gamble” also makes this site attractive for blog comment spam, although handily akismet weeds out about 99.75% of it perfectly well, the other 0.25% having to be rejected manually.

I hadn’t placed AdSense or any other kind of ads on here until recently as I really didn’t think the disruption would be worth a potential few cents a day. I haven’t exactly worked out how to make much from AdSense either.

pureprofile Surveys

In the past few days I have been sent 3 surveys to complete from pureprofile – an online market research company that pays you to fill in questionnaires. Previously I might have been lucky if I got one a month – perhaps they have discovered I am now a student and suddenly my opinion is worth much more… or it may just be coincidence.

Most recent survey was about a tfl proposal to rent out Light Electric Vehicles, they look like normal pedal bikes but travel at upto 20mph with a 30 mile range…  interesting idea but they look quite strange.  Plus I don’t live in central London where I’m sure these would be positioned.

Matched meltdown

Over the past week or so Matched has cancelled all 4 of my active adverts which had been paying me £12 a month.

“Some of you have been asking us why your pages have recently been declined, even though you’ve had adverts displayed on them for several months

The reason for this is that several of our advertisers have recently been conducting reviews of the pages displaying thier ads and have asked for some to be removed. This could be for any number of reasons, including lack of relevant content and a poor quality of page.

We have attempted to re-assign new ads for all those pages that were initially declined, but unfortunately there are some that we’re unable to assign other adverts to.

If you’ve found that one of your pages has been declined, we apologise for the inconvenience, but remember that you can now submit other pages instead!

Thanks for using…”

Thank you. It was good while it lasted.

I am not all that surprised to be honest as the ads were never particually tagetted – I am more amazed that advertisers actually did, for several months, want to advertise Life Insurance and Corporate Events on a website about a park.

This means there are currently no adverts on which had been getting £9/month through matched.

Site report:

I was just taking a look at my ProjectWonderful account today which reminded me of my domain

The site contains 3 ProjectWonderful ads and the content (first 200 words or so) of the latest 10 posts on GameMaker Blog from its RSS feed. The stats provided by PW show that over the past month the site has been getting an average of about 9 unique visitors a day.

I was quite mystified to discover it was receiving that amount of traffic, and even more so to discover that I appear to have neglected to install Google Analytics on the page so I have next to no information on how people found the site – although my bet is that 90%+ is from Google searches.

I registered the domain in early March this year when HostMySite were offering ridiculously cheap domains for a short period of time (they were $4). I was partly influenced by the fact that GameMaker4 – GameMaker7 were all registered and parked at PPC pages, I assume because of the number of searches made for people looking for various versions of the software. Also I can use the domain to drive traffic to GameMaker blog, and in 2009, when GameMaker 8 is due to be released, I can probably knock up a quick mini-site.

I can’t find a way to see the total amount made from one ad spot with ProjectWonderful, but currently is running at about $0.05 a day :P. Pretty pathetic really, but from just 9 visitors very good.

Analytics has now been added.