My name earnt me $60?

Gamble. A popular Google search phrase (30.1M results) and also my surname.

This blog appears high in searches for my name and has a PageRank of 2 which appears to have made advertising on this site an attractive proposition for some people.

Sadly “Gamble” also makes this site attractive for blog comment spam, although handily akismet weeds out about 99.75% of it perfectly well, the other 0.25% having to be rejected manually.

I hadn’t placed AdSense or any other kind of ads on here until recently as I really didn’t think the disruption would be worth a potential few cents a day. I haven’t exactly worked out how to make much from AdSense either.

Ad sets

Sometimes when browsing the web I come across a site that is running several of the same or similar ads. In this instance the ads I saw for Virgin Atlantic on a local newspaper website were all promoting the same campaign but where different ad formats.

Sure this may be about brand recognition or something, but I just find it irritating – especially considering the top banner quotes a different price from the others!