Finally, AdSense

Google AdSense is widely regarded as one of the best ad networks to use to generate revenue from your website and it is used on thousands of major and minor websites around the globe. As I recently turned 18 I decided I may as well give it a go, as I was looking for ways to increase my revenue from my most popular website, GameMaker Blog.

Jonathan Cox has used AdSense for a long time on Icebrick, the free online games website that I have long championed at my school (and converted a fair few people to as it wasn’t blocked). I must admit it has been quite satisfying on occasions to walk into the sixth form Library and see people playing games at I dug up an e-mail from 2004 in which Jon said he was getting around 5,000 page views and £2-3 from Adsense a day.

When I registered I was surprised to see that my account uses USD. M any of the other networks I use pay in USD and I fully understand the reasons for this – I more often than not pay for web services in dollars and discuss the valuations of websites in USD with other people from the UK. Although I had thought AdSense had a GBP service and assumed as I was registering with a UK address my accounts would be set up in this way. I can’t see any way to convert my account over to GBP, not that it matters, using USD will make it easier for me to see how AdSense compares to the other networks I am using. A downside however is that it will probably get me levied with a cheque cashing fee come payment day. sees 37400% traffic increase in 2 days

Aidy BoothroydI only recently added Google’s excellent Analytics service to, as the site was made before I registered for the excellent free service and had not been updated for months. Last week as well as adding Analytics to the site I also created an Aidy Boothroyd soundboard featuring some of his popular or stand-out phrases (love him or hate him).

I only showed the link to a few people, but somehow it was picked up by an Aidy Boothroyd facebook group and later found its way onto several Crystal Palace FC (who we play at the weekend) and general football forums. The huge spike in traffic started on April the 15th, reaching almost 400 visits on the 16th and now looks to be returning to normal. Viral growth most certainly, it was my most visited site on April 16th (excluding the Game Maker Affiliation Service ad network). If only I had a product to promote…

Simon, You’re fired!

In week four of The Apprentice Siralun fired perhaps one of the nicest candidates in this series, Simon Smith. The ex-army “Senior Satellite Television Engineer” (I think that means he fits sky dishes :P) from Harlow who worked tirelessly for the boys’ team in the laundry challenge in week two received his marching orders in a surprise board room scene as it looked like Siralun would fire interfering Claire who had undermined Simon’s position throughout the task.

A sympathetic crowd greeted humble Simon on Adrian Chiles’ “You’re Fired” afterwards, where the vote on whether Sir Alan was right to fire him was pretty even. Simon admited he thought deserved to go, and I suppose honesty is the best policy, except on The Apprentice!

Derbyshire at the door

At around 7:30 tonight George Derbyshire, a current libdem councillor, was the first candidate in the election to come door knocking in our area.

After a polite introduction (reading my dad’s name off the electoral register for the personal touch) he asked if he would be supporting him on 1st May. In previous years candidates have asked similar things such as “can we count on your support?”, I don’t really understand this perhaps they should tell the electorate why they should vote for them rather than asking which way they will vote. My dad said he didn’t know and would make his mind up on the day.

Derbyshire left. He doesn’t want my vote. Which is a shame because I was probably going to vote for him. But as my dad said, he didn’t even get me a birthday card

I expect the Conservatives will be around sometime soon.


I recently turned 18 so this year (May 1st) will be the first time I am able to vote.

About 3 days after my birthday I received a birthday card from the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Watford, Ian Oakley. Quite why he (or his office) were sending me a card I don’t know. If the elections this year were for parliament I could understand it, but this year’s elections are only for the district council where Ian Oakley is not standing.  Still I suppose it is nice that at least one party is trying to get the youth vote.  I wonder if he is sending cards out to everyone who turns 18 in Watford or is just targeting certain areas or perhaps just the time period up to the election.

As usual it looks like Park ward will be a two-horse race between existing Liberal Democrat councillor George Derbyshire and the Conservative candidate Malcolm Meerabux. Last year Park had the highest voter turn out of any of the wards which is unsurprising considering the close run battle a year previously when only three votes separated the top two candidates.