Get your grades up

I was just taking a quick look on Facebook this morning and saw something which made me stop in my tracks.

Is this what I think it is? If it is, then some marketing person certainly has a sense of humour, although I am quite surprised to see it was allowed on facebook (obviously excluding the fact that the site it is advertising enables you to cheat).

On the subject of essays, I still 500 more words to write about Lenin’s leadership of the the Bolsheviks for History… fun.

Cassiobury Park – Goldmine?

In the past month or so has had around 230 page views, taken up none of my time, and has earned me £9 (~$17.90).

The site, providing basic information about Cassiobury Park in Watford, has not been promoted anywhere and does not rank highly in Google. In fact for a search of “cassiobury park”, is not even on the first page.

Despite poor Google rankings most of the traffic does originate there. However the vast majority is from specific search terms such as “cassiobury fun fair” and “history of cassiobury park” instead of people looking for general information about the park. In total 52 different search terms were used to find the site in this past month.

The money comes from matched (which is not a dating website!), an ad network that pays you £3/month per page (upto a max of pages 5 per site) for including an Google AdSense style text ad on your website.

Election bumf

Two more days, two more “vote me” leaflets. As we near 1st May the monkeys in the rainforests of the world must be starting to get worried.

Conservative Malcolm Meerabux seems to be campaigning mostly on a fight against over-development and on planning issues. It wasn’t a well written leaflet. And perhaps his stance on planning comes a little late considering that houses are currently being built on the playing fields of Watford Grammar School for Boys.

Derbyshire’s main policy was also planning or rather “opposing insensitive development”. We’ve had an awful lot of new homes built this side of the park recently, “302 dwellings” at Cassio Metro, plus 4? houses in the back gardens of a couple of houses on Gade Avenue and the aforementioned WGSB construction site.  George strange smile Derbyshire appears to be fighting the hardest…

Woeful Watford

After a 2-0 home defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace today Watford are well on their way for my pre-season prediction of mid-table mediocrity.

Finally, after 1 win in 12, Aidy admits we can’t win the league and we’ll have to settle for second. In your dreams Aidy.

“I think first place is gone now but second is still very much up for grabs. We’ve created enough to win two or three games….

We’ve created some unmissable chances and missed them. If you do that then that is what you get. We should have won 4-0.”

Some more quotes to add to the still-receiving-large-amounts-of-traffic soundboard when I next update it.

Game Maker at School

You may know that I run several websites which relate to YoYoGames’ Game Maker software as well as contribute to the MarkUp game development magazine which focuses on the Game Maker platform.

Despite the apparent lack of recent developments in Game Maker, Game Maker 8 is not due until at least 2009, Game Maker’s appeal is growing. So much so that in this year’s ‘activity week’ at my school it looks as if one of my computing teachers will be running a Game Maker course.

My major GameMaker projects: