My Sites

This is a list of the websites and services I currently update on a regular basis:

  • Game Maker 8 – Information about the Game Maker 8 software, link to download, example games and details of relevant books.
  • CassioburyPark.Info – Information about Cassiobury Park in Watford.  Started off as an excuse to learn how to get to grips with the Google Maps API and then a site developed from a few annotated maps.
  • Leavesden – Far from complete this website contains details of films made at the Leavesden studios near Watford.

Here are the sites that are not frequently updated, they are possibly just “on hold” or may never return…

  • – Features a soundboard of memorable quotes from former Watford FC manager Adrian Boothroyd

Previous projects.  Closed, abandoned or no longer owned by me:

  • (closed)  Free Online Fantasy Football Game (ran for two seasons)
  • (closed) – A traffic exchange service that requires no registration and sends only 24 hour unique hits.
  • (closed) – blog about the FlashPunk ActionScript 3 Library (launched Jan 2010)
  • Bet on Swine Flu (closed) –  Simple single purpose application where people can make their predictions on the effects and reach of Swine Flu.  Designed to be viral (like Swine Flu!) but never really took off.   Built from scratch using php/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • (sold) – CashCrusader PTR email website I purchased, ran and subsequently sold
  • (sold) – CashCrusader Paid to Promote website I set up with a partner, took over, ran and sold.  I have not had any involvement in the site for a number of years but the site seems to be stuck in a 2006 designed-by-me time-warp.
  • GameMaker Blog (sold) – Game Maker news, comment and opinion in the form of a blog.  A WordPress powered blog that has been online for over three years and contains over 900 posts and more than 8,000 comments.  Most content is created by myself but there is also a team of contributors from around the world.
  • Game Maker Affiliation (sold) – A banner exchange service for Game Maker websites that currently serves upwards of 700,000 impressions a month.  I wrote this using php and mySQL.
  • – is a free open source game development engine. Sold to the project.