You have a lot of tabs open

A comment I am often given when working on my laptop in public (or sharing a screenshot) is “oh, you’ve got a lot of tabs open there”.  So I opened a new one to write this.

It’s true I do use a lot of tabs.  Most of the time I am online I will have between 10 and 2o tabs open at any one time, and when I am also working perhaps as many as 30.  This reduces my viewing of each webpage to a favicon only – one of the reasons why I was happy to recently implement such an identifier at Game Maker Blog.

Whilst having as many as 30 tabs open at time starts to become impractical (there are only so many that can be identified in a single line at a time), I don’t see anything strange it having around 15 active tabs.

For example here is Google Chrome’s Task Manager showing the tabs I currently have open having just returned from eating dinner after doing some research.

A nice mix of tabs covering connection with the outside world (my email), news stories of interest followed from the BBC news homepage and Twitter, an Earth Hour de-motivational poster (following on from a Guardian article about tourism in North Korea which I read at breakfast), identifying a song from some of its lyrics, Game Maker websites and pages about the security of JSP files and Social Networking (work!).

Working like this enables me to quickly switch from checking my emails, updating a blog, working, reading sites of interest and playing the occasional online game (a current favourite is dicewars based on the 2008 US election).  Provides a distraction from work – possibly.  But I like it.