Medway Council’s Facebook Ad Campaign

Medway Council Facebook Recycling CampaignMedway council are spending their council tax payers money to encourage me to recycle by advertising on Facebook.

I have seen the ad on the left several times over the past few days linking to the recycling section of the council website.

Why?  I don’t live in or anywhere near Medway.  Facebook profiles contain lots of demographic information to which advertising campaigns can easily be targeted so the fact that it is showing to me seems unforgivable.  I did once visit Chatham Docks though and watched as the Tour de France passed through!

The houses are pretty affordable though and Ebbsfleet International to St Pancras is a 20 minute train journey. I’ll remember that.

Medway to Birmingham Map

Spotify is bugging me

Spotify is brilliant. I’ve been using it for over a year now and was a premium subscriber for a good few months before they released the cheaper ‘unlimited’ package.

The idea is great (effectively a cross between iTunes and which I used in the early 2000s and notice has become more popular over the last couple of years). You can find most music you want on it from current hits to the things my parents like and children’s TV themes.

One thing that began sometime with in the last month which I find immensely annoying however is a prompt to “share Spotify” with my “friends and family” every single time I load up the program (i.e. every day). It appears I’m not the only one annoyed at this.

Spotify nag message

PayPal + Guru + New Location = Frozen Payment

Quick update on the experiment – It didn’t happen.

I opted for a $50 bid and made the payment via PayPal from a different location than normal and it its wisdom PayPal decided that the payment was suspicious and the transaction was put on hold. I went through the verification process as requested which required me to re-enter my bank details and take a call from their computerised voice but the payment has now been on hold for two and a half weeks.

“Inquiry by PayPal Temporary Hold” and “Being Reviewed by PayPal” are not things you would like to see in your account. “Documentation received from seller” has appeared four times in the event time-line and I have given PayPal everything they have asked for so I have no idea why they are still holding my money.

I wouldn’t mind if they refused the transaction and gave me back the funds so I could go elsewhere or if they let the transaction through but this limbo does no one any good. My project is on hold, the freelancer and Guru have been messed around and worst of all they probably both think this is down to something I have done wrong.

Naturally when they didn’t receive my payment Guru suspended my account (I suspect they get a fair amount of chancers using hacked/stolen/fraudulent payment accounts).

The last action from PayPal was over a week ago. Pathetic, yet PayPal is so widely accepted that I will have to continue to use it.

Various Facebook Stuff

Noticing that I had 7 pending friend requests on Facebook last week I decided I should clear out my facebook friends.

Of the 7 requests:

  • 4 were spam – the first I have received on Facebook and all which appeared within seconds of each other.
  • 2 were people I recognised the names of but have never met who presumably added me because we have some mutual friends regardless of the fact I know nothing about them
  • 1 was a Game Maker person that I did not know at all well

Along the way I found out some rather interesting things such as the fact that you can very easily bulk harvest your friends e-mail addresses in text form and that my friends are overwhelmingly male (well I do Computer Science).

I conducted a very-mini purge removing 13 ‘friends’.  Without exception these people were people that I have not spoken to since I left school 2 years ago either in person or online and had never been particularly friendly with.  At the time it seemed like a good idea to accept all friend requests coming my way though now everyone is on Facebook I can be more selective!  From now on I intend to operate on a one-in-one-out policy so I don’t feel so bad about ‘unfriending’ so many people at once!

Also got an unusual message asking me to “tag a friend” which turned out to be me.  Can only presume this is the start of auto tagging friends in photos.  Hurrah.

Google Maps Random Text Selecting Game

I have an extension installed in Chrome which provides a link to Google Maps when text from a webpage is selected if the plugin judges it to be an address.  You can get the extension here.

Fair enough if you highlight a real address but Google Maps also thinks it can find “Up to 1000” and “6” E Ink” (taken from a website about an eBook reader).  An interesting way to discover random locations around the world, in this case  what is presumably a posh American estate built around a forested golf course on windy roads and an octagonal prison on “S T O Road” in India.

Incidentally I am of the opinion that eBook readers are almost as pointless as digital photo frames.