Google: bet you feel silly bidding on this search term

Bet you feel silly bidding on this search term - Google Adwords

Wonder how long until they turn this off? Then again they aren’t exactly paying for the click.

Sometimes I like to try trigger off ads when they shouldn’t show…

In reality this probably shows the smartness of Google’s Adword system in that an ad is triggered (presumably) because of the presence of the phrase “search term” and “bidding”, although sadly not relevant in this case.

UK 3G Mobile Spectrum Auction Website – 12 Years On

In April 2000 the UK Government auctioned off 3G spectrum to 5 mobile networks raising an incredible £22.47bn. The original estimated income from the auction was just (well it’s relative!) £5bn. Expensive air however you look at it!

The methodology for the auction and reason it was chosen is explained in this paper (pdf).

In simplistic form – there were 5 licences available. Licence A had to go to a new entrant to the market. Licence B and the smaller licences C, D and E could go to either one of the four incumbents (Vodafone; One-2-One, now T-Mobile; Orange; Cellnet, now O2) or a new player. Bidding was held in rounds and bidders could bid for any applicable license in £100,000 increments up to a certain percentage increase each round. The auction would be over when a round occurred in which no new bids were received. In the end 150 rounds took place over a period of a month and a half.

The Radiocommunications Agency created a special website for the auction detailing its progression. This website is still available in archive form on the Ofcom website complete with 2000-era design and instructions for saving data from the site using either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

UK 3G Mobile Spectrum Auction Website
UK 3G Mobile Spectrum Auction Website - click to enlarge

This was one of the biggest auctions of all time, a recent auction of 3G mobile spectrum in the far larger market of India only raised $15bn.  Using frames and with wavy animated text the website, created using Microsoft FrontPage 3.0, doesn’t quite seem to fit the multi-billion pound nature of of the event!  Still that’s progress for you – bids were submitted by Fax.

The Year of Content?

“Cash in on Content and Social Media Marketing in 2012” screams Forbes. “It has been predicted that 2012 will be the year of content.”

Hang on a minute. Wasn’t this predicted for 2011?

2011 Year of Content Marketing

What about 2010?

2010 Year of Content Marketing


2009Year of Content Marketing


Good content attracts visitors. Nothing new. I think people know this by now.

Google Chrome Angry Birds Advert

Oh great, now my browser has advertising.

Creating a new tab in Chrome this morning resulted in me seeing this:

Previously I would see something like the below, a useful screen providing one click access to the websites I visit most regularly and the last few tabs I had closed.

It looks to me as if this new “new tab” screen has been rushed out to promote Angry Birds without much thought given to its usability.

This page now has three tabs. The central tab branded “Apps”- set as the default – contains the not particularly well branded Angry Birds advert on the “App” tab. The the “Most visited” tab features now significantly more blurry screenshots of webpages I regularly visit – with access to recently closed tabs now a step further away, hidden behind an expandable menu rather than the previous one-click access. And the third “Bookmarks” tab? Well the Google Gods haven’t even made that yet “Bookmarks coming soon…” it reads.

So now without warning I get adverts in my browser, slower access to recently accessed tabs and an incomplete non-functioning “bookmarks” page. Thanks Google.