Personal Blogs and Websites

Many of the people I know online have blogs and personal websites but the vast majority of people on my course do not (or else they do a good job at hiding them from me!).

Yesterday I set up a website for a friend on my Computer Science course – Joseph Gardiner.   He was surprised at how easy and cheap it was to setup (goDaddy are currently doing .infos at $1.18 for the first year).  In the past I have helped a few of my friends set up something similar but most let them expire after a year or so and don’t maintain them – and these are people who can easily get the .com of their name!

I think having a personal website is pretty important if you work in programming or some kind of creative computing industry as you can use it to showcase your portfolio of work, learn new skills and advertise yourself to potential employers and clients.  A simple WordPress blog is easily customisable and doesn’t require any particular skills to maintain.