Things I learnt this week

  • What a peddle steel guitar is (via One Show)
  • That Birmingham apparently now has the fifth best Computer Science department in the country (Guardian)
  • Apple is a Religion (Alex Riley, iPlayer)
  • Boris Johnson cheats at Wiff Waff/Table Tennis (Standard)
  • There was a “serious incident involving year 13 students” at a school (Watford Observer and their amazing investigative journalism)
  • Humpty Dumpty was a canon (Twitter SpiltMilkStudio/7BitAdam)
  • Buying a suit is surprisingly hard if you’re my size. I didn’t think I was that small!

Random Thunk: Android News Sites

Every time I see an Android news and app review site asking for writers to apply, which seems to be happening more and more often in the past couple of months, I think to myself “that might be good, should I apply”.  Then I remember how much I have neglected what would be my most similar project, Game Maker Blog, for the last couple of months.