Things I learnt this week

Warburtons bread is popular and a strong brand. In seven years it entered the Scottish market and went from zero market share to 32% of bread sales. It has 24% of the English bread market. In fact Warburtons is now the 2nd best selling food and drink brand in the country after the mighty Coca Cola. [wiki]

Braeburn and Gala apples are from New Zealand but grow better in the UK. – Program about history of British apples(!) on iPlayer

Gatecrasher is so-so.

Glide Utilities’ office is on top of Tesco on a street with a very bizarre numbering system. Had to go and collect a router cable from there!

I passed all my exams so will be awarded a degree at my Graduation next month ūüôā

Things I learnt this week

  • Telegraphs could only send 20 letters (One Show)
  • Guernsey stamps can “probably” not be used in the UK even though they contain a crown
  • Lots of highly exciting details about various types of parsers that I will never need to know again after this morning
  • That my.bham (University web system that tells us our exam timetable) was wrong! Told me the wrong exam seat for this morning and when I went to check afterwards the website had crashed – too many¬†simultaneous¬†logins apparently!
  • There are 52 billion chickens in the world (Martin Brundle). Actually that figure should be 52 billion chickens killed for human consumption in 2009.
  • and I got a job!