Things I learnt this week: Libya, Sahrawi, Canberra, Waterloo Road, Botswana

Is firing a gun into the air dangerous? The nagging question that we all wanted to know thousands of away from Libya.

Where the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is.

Mark Webber is the Canberra Milk Kid (via F1Racing magazine)

Botswana is a lot richer than I thought (via World’s Strictest Parents)

22 out of every 100 new domains run WordPress. And so they should, quick to set up, easy to use, and a load of templates and plugins available to customise your site.

An upcoming “social issue of the week” on Waterloo Road will have to be how to cope with your school jumping 200 miles along the M62, M60, M61, M6, M74 and M8 as the school moves from Rochdale to Glasgow. Imagine that pretty much means the pupils will all change as well.

It is possible to change a camera’s focus after the photo has been taken.

No American Car Insurance Comparison, Patent Trolls, Intercepting Search Queries

  • Apparently they don’t have car insurance comparison aggregators in the United States because of the complex interstate insurance laws.  Over here you can even get a free Meerkat soft toy for using a certain one!
  • Fark settles with patent troll for a “best offer” of $0 and no non-disclosure agreement. Patent system all seems rather ridiculous at the moment with all the major phone manufacturers claiming that others have infringed on their patents before they counter-sue and so on…
  • Intercepting search queries for affiliate revenue is so valuable that American ISPs do it.

Things I learnt this week: BBC Give F1 to Sky, SEO Forum Spam Backfires, Boris’ Bendy Bike

The BBC, who had the rights to show F1 for the next year, gave them to Sky and instead will show only half the races going forward. If you want to watch all the 2012 races you will need to pay minimum of £383 a year to Sky according to the Telegraph. This is a pretty good comment on the whole situation and I pretty much agree with it except that I might not follow any of the races at all.  But hey, the teams get an extra £1 million a year so what do they care. Hope their sponsors and the written press do.

Spamming a forum dedicated to prank phone calls a link to your SEO client isn’t the brightest thing to do. PLA is a pretty decent site so do check it out, there’s hours of funny things on there including free podcast downloads.

Boris unveils 60ft long Bendy Bike via spoof news site NewsBiscuit. The Boris comments are actually quite believable!

Things I learnt this week

The time of day when the greatest proportion of the UK population is awake is 7pm.

The Superlambanana is a large bright yellow statue of a mix between a banana and a lamb in Liverpool.

In October 2009, a swarm of flying ants briefly disrupted play between innings at cricket matches during the ICC Champions trophy, in South Africa.

A mechanic dropped their phone into the cockpit of Robert Kubica’s car