Election Campaigning Game

With just over two months until a General Election must be held it is nearing that time of the year when promotional literature from the political parties will begin flooding through our letterboxes at an astonishing rate.

I am currently away at University living in the Selly Oak constituency of Birmingham (a safe Labour seat since 1992) where the drought of political leaflets so far has consisted solely of a typo-ridden leaflet from the Liberal Democrats and something from Labour earlier this week.

Am slightly disappointed.  If I was living at home in the three-way marginal seat of Watford (for which I will use my postal vote) I am pretty sure the pile would be much higher by now.

To make the campaign more exciting I will be awarding the parties points for their various campaigning methods (how hard they have tried!). Points are awarded for the following starting March 1st ending the day after the election:

  • For each piece of literature delivered on behalf of a party
  • For each photo of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (the word “Prospective” seems out of place here…):
    • Standing next to a sign for the local hospital
    • Standing next to their party leader
    • Holding a recycling box/bin or the waste that is to be put into it
    • Which contains a Union Flag or St George’s Cross
    • (-100 if the aforementioned flag is being thrown out!)
  • For every mention of an opposition party that “can’t win here” or are in “a poor third place”
  • For every mention of the incumbents expense claims
  • One point each time a single piece of literature contains more than 3 quotes from the local newspaper
  • 5 points if a canvasser knocks at your door
  • 15 points if the candidate knocks at your door
  • A bonus point if the door-knocking person uses the phrase “can we count on your support?”
  • Double points for anything not from one of the 3 major parties