Decent tv on five

I don’t normally watch five, but yesterday they actually had a decent 3 hours of TV.

The gadget show, which I missed, at 8 rather blatently tries a Top Gear approach to take what is a specialist program to a wider audience. At 9 it was the first episode in the rerun of the rather interesting Paul Merton in China (five’s version of Michael Palin obviously). And at 10 it was Dom Joly’s complainers. Consumer investigations mixed with pranks and a good deal of fun, my kind of progam.

Wobbly Pink photos

Oh the joys of using an old, and temperamental, digital camera.

This photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot A70, renowned for its E18 Error, currently selling on eBay for about £12 (~$22).

Aidy Spike is over

The spike in traffic that and its soundboard received in the days around Watford’s game at home to Crystal Palace has now all but gone.

Google Analytics shows that the number of visits to the site was 61 yesterday, which although much larger than the normal average of around 4 or 5 visits a day is, much less than the high of 573 visits on Friday 18th April.

The advice of Jon and common sense led me to place a leaderboard sized AdSense ad on the soundboard page, however I think I may have added it too late to take full advantage of the maximum height of the traffic spike.

Game Maker Affiliation Milestone

My Game Maker Affiliation Service, a free banner exchange service for Game Maker related websites, has now delivered over 2 million ad impressions in less than a year since its May 2007 launch.

Banners in the system have been clicked almost 13,000 times giving an impressive Click-Through-Ratio of 0.63%. Browser, OS and country stats for surfers seeing ads served through the system can be found in this post at GameMaker Blog.

Until today there had been a recurring problem when members tried to upload banners to the service, however Tim (my host) has set up a cronjob which should rectify this issue.

The service does not show any sponsored ads on members sites, but allocates 0.9 credits to sites each time the show an advert, keeping back 10% of the potential credits. These credits can then be used to further advertise GameMaker Blog. In addition, when there are no available banners to serve, a banner promoting the service is shown.

I created the GMA both to help people who run Game Maker websites exchange relevant traffic and also to help spread awareness of GameMaker Blog. As such the service itself does not generate a profit.

Get your grades up

I was just taking a quick look on Facebook this morning and saw something which made me stop in my tracks.

Is this what I think it is? If it is, then some marketing person certainly has a sense of humour, although I am quite surprised to see it was allowed on facebook (obviously excluding the fact that the site it is advertising enables you to cheat).

On the subject of essays, I still 500 more words to write about Lenin’s leadership of the the Bolsheviks for History… fun.