Double Glazed windows in Cassiobury Park

A bizarre title I hope you’ll agree.

I receive a daily Google Alert informing me of webpages that refer to a park in my hometown.  The linked pages often provide information about an event that has taken place or is taking place that might be of interest to me and the readers of my websites about the park.

Amongst the more normal entries, many referring to the recent Watford 10K race, one result jumped out at me as being, well, unusual.

Keyword targeting gone wrong.   But there is more.  I visited the site and it appeared to be very badly stuffed with keywords – back to the old days of keyword lists at the end of the page – but with the addition of top of page keywords too!

But who could have built such a terrible website? Apparently a company called BTCustomerStreet who cold-call small businesses selling them online promotion packages which apparently encourage sticking keywords in irelevant locations on your website (see below).

Not only that but there have been a lot of complaints about the sales tactics used by the company.  The complaints show the price structure is pretty random with most businesses being charged about £300 for set-up and then an ongoing £50 a month fee.

What do you get for your ~£1,100 a year? A template website and inclusion on some directories owned by the same company which apparently normally charge a £200 setup fee and £30 a month for a listing. Each. Yeah right.  I hadn’t even heard of any of them before.

Here’s another equally bad site targeted at the same area.