New Metropolitan Line Tube Timetable from 9th December 2012

From next Saturday a new timetable (pdf) comes in to place on the Metropolitan line.

These are the times for a section of the morning-peak southbound services from Watford after this date:

  • 6:58 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 7:03 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:13 –  Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:23 – Baker Street
  • 7:30 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 7:36 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:45 – Baker Street
  • 7:55 – Baker Street
  • 8:02 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 8:08 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 8:17 – Baker Street

The current timetable introduced in December 2011 featured a total of 11 weekday-morning Aldgate services.  The new one will feature just 6.

Inside the above time range Aldgate trains currently depart Watford at 6:58, 7:14, 7:30, 7:46 and 8:02.  So a couple of these services have been bought forward a minuite and now terminate at Baker Street instead of joining the Circle line and heading into the City.

Under a section on the Tube Guide (that’s “timetable” to you and I) the sentence “every other train continues to/starts from Aldgate” appears under the Watford train frequency information.  Clearly that will no longer be the case.

Metropolitan Line Train Frequencies During Peak Hours (December 2012 onwards)

The number of semi-fast London services wil also fall from 14 to 10 in the morning peak.

Amersham/Chesham Metropolitan line services are to remain the same in the morning peak (albeit for some slight time adjustments) on a pattern of Chesham to Aldgate Fast,  Amersham to Aldgate Semi-Fast, Amersham to Aldgate Fast.

I couldn’t find a “Tube Guide” for Uxbridge but a quick look at TfL’s journey planner shows that the number of trains running on the Uxbridge branch will fall, however the number of Aldgate services is set to increase considerably (see below).


Uxbridge Aldgate Trains

I wonder why London Underground have done this?

Oyster Journey History Stats

As of April 25th Oyster Card journey information has remained online for much longer than previously.

This enables me to do silly things like this – a look at max, min and average journey times on the way to work compared to the Tube timetable.

Mondays and Thursdays seem to be the worst days for getting to work on time.

But touch out time isn’t the time the train arrives – so I will account for 1 minuite to exit the train and touch out.

My tubes have been an average of 6 minutes 25 seconds late arriving at Farringdon each day (allowing for 1 minute from arrival to touch out time). If delays continue at that rate and I worked every week day in the year – obviously I don’t – that would be over a day of delays.

So I have spent an extra 3hrs and 51 minutes on the Tube in the morning since the 25th April than timetabled. On 5 of those days the tube was delayed for more than 15 minutes so I could have claimed my fair back – though I only claimed for 2 of them. If they had an API for Oyster data I would set up alerts! An one-click online claim should be added, it’s 2012!

What’s the point of the HSBC Gates?

HSBC Gates
These steel sculptures between St Paul’s and the formerly wobbly Millennium Bridge seem rather pointless. Corporate branding of what are effectively lumps of metal, whatever next? They don’t even restrict access to the area for vehicles, there are bollards for that.

Apparently HSBC donated some money towards the construction of the bridge.

Top Photo: The HSBC Gates^ by Chris Guy (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)