Hello. I’m Philip Gamble

Philip Gamble PhotoYou may know me through my online alias of freeg131.  A recent graduate in Computer Science from The University of Birmingham I currently work for a digital marketing company in London. I live in the town of Watford with my family.


I currently work at the Found search marketing agency as an SEO Executive.  We help brands sell more online by increasing the chances of their websites ranking highly in relevant search results.

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In 2011 I completed my degree in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

Making Stuff

When I’m bored I like to make things.  Not particularly useful things but silly little things that seem like a good idea at the time, such as this Tour de France team guessing game, a website for my local park and a camera insurance comparison website.

Unsurprisingly this has led me to own a large number of partially complete websites and undeveloped domain names.

When I make stuff I use php, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, WordPress, Paint.NET, Java, Notepad++, Excel and Google Docs.


I am interested in online content creation – in particular online media be it for local journalism or in specialist issue websites.  My favourite platform for creating such material is WordPress which I have been using for a long time!  This also lead me to develop an interest in generating traffic through Search Engine Optimisation and from social media.

Game Maker

Game Maker is a development tool which enables the easy creation of games for deployment on a variety of platforms.  The software is produced by the Dundee-based YoYo Games.GameMaker Montage

In 2007 I launched GameMakerBlog.com, an independent source for news and discussion of software releases, program development and the surrounding community.

Game Maker Blog is one of the most widely recognised Game Maker community projects and is read and referenced by developers worldwide as well as YoYo Games employees.  Content has been featured on popular sites including IndieGames.com, The Escapist Magazine, TechDirt, Ars Technica, Habrahabr (Russian) and Punto Informatico (Italian).

In my role as editor I managed team of contributors as well as researching and writing the majority of 1,100+ blog posts which were viewed over 670,000 times.GMB Featured Logos

The website was monetized through both network and direct ad sales and use of affiliate programs.

The site launched a couple of spin-offs, the php/MySQL Game Maker Affiliation banner exchange which served almost 50 million impressions and 100,000+ clicks during my tenure, and 5 episodes of the GMTalk podcast which I hosted and edited.

Through my work on Game Maker Blog I also contributed to other community projects – making appearances in/on:

  • PDF community magazines including Game Maker Technology/GMTech (news section), MarkUp (proofreader and regular writer) and Rekame Mag (interviewee)
  • Podcasts such as GMKing’s Audcast and GMTalk (host and editor)
  • Technical reviewer of Game Maker 8 Cookbook

In October 2012 Game Maker Blog was sold to fellow community member Matthew Bowden and my involvement in the Game Maker media scene ceased.


In the past I took a greater interested in the Internet marketing sector, running popular paid-to-read email websites including no2allmails and a paid-to-promote site which at its peak was recieving over 150,000 full page ad views a day and was delivering upwards of 6,600,000 banner impressions a month.


Table Tennis, exploring the countryside on bike and foot, skiing and Formula 1 (levels of active participation vary!).  Listening to new music on Spotify.  Reading interesting pages on Wikipedia and looking at interesting statistics.