New Metropolitan Line Tube Timetable from 9th December 2012

From next Saturday a new timetable (pdf) comes in to place on the Metropolitan line.

These are the times for a section of the morning-peak southbound services from Watford after this date:

  • 6:58 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 7:03 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:13 –  Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:23 – Baker Street
  • 7:30 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 7:36 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 7:45 – Baker Street
  • 7:55 – Baker Street
  • 8:02 – Aldgate semi-fast
  • 8:08 – Baker Street semi-fast
  • 8:17 – Baker Street

The current timetable introduced in December 2011 featured a total of 11 weekday-morning Aldgate services.  The new one will feature just 6.

Inside the above time range Aldgate trains currently depart Watford at 6:58, 7:14, 7:30, 7:46 and 8:02.  So a couple of these services have been bought forward a minuite and now terminate at Baker Street instead of joining the Circle line and heading into the City.

Under a section on the Tube Guide (that’s “timetable” to you and I) the sentence “every other train continues to/starts from Aldgate” appears under the Watford train frequency information.  Clearly that will no longer be the case.

Metropolitan Line Train Frequencies During Peak Hours (December 2012 onwards)

The number of semi-fast London services wil also fall from 14 to 10 in the morning peak.

Amersham/Chesham Metropolitan line services are to remain the same in the morning peak (albeit for some slight time adjustments) on a pattern of Chesham to Aldgate Fast,  Amersham to Aldgate Semi-Fast, Amersham to Aldgate Fast.

I couldn’t find a “Tube Guide” for Uxbridge but a quick look at TfL’s journey planner shows that the number of trains running on the Uxbridge branch will fall, however the number of Aldgate services is set to increase considerably (see below).


Uxbridge Aldgate Trains

I wonder why London Underground have done this?

4 Replies to “New Metropolitan Line Tube Timetable from 9th December 2012”

  1. They are absolute jokers. I am so angry.
    How they have the cheek to state in the timetable that the line is getting busier and then reduce the number of services baffles me.

  2. I think they have a cheek calling it a timetable. My house move from Croxley to Rickmansworth co-incided with the change of timetable and so far this week not a single train has run according to the timetable on the Amersham branch. I hope you’re at least getting trains at the times they state on the Watford line!

  3. It occurs to me that TFL may be deliberately applying a policy of reducing services in order to put commuters off using Watford Met and thereby ‘justify’ the future closure of the station. I hope commuters will write to London TravelWatch to express their displeasure at these changes. We need to save Watford Met!

  4. Travelling from Croxley at peak morning times has become a joke.

    TFL are treating their passengers (sorry … customers) like retarded monkeys, I would like to invite them to justify their comments to be found on the TFL site, about improved efficiency, reliability and blah blah blah because they have cut services, idiots. Do they ever use the line ?

    These people along with those out there on the globe that purport to keep us updated on twitter @metline, are an absolute disgrace to the service.

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