Yell Group’s Rebrand as Hibu not Pain Free Online

hibuYell Group, that’s the debt-laden paper-based directories business and publisher of the Yellow Pages in the UK, managed in May to rebrand itself as a term which yields some not so family friendly results in Google Image Search  reports the Standard.

Here’s the link which is NSFW even with Moderate SafeSearch enabled.

The group which thinks the best way to organise advertisements in its directory is by who has inserted the most “A” characters in front of their business name and messes up waste paper recycling was sold by BT for an incredible £2.14bn in 2001 back when only a third of the UK had access to the Internet.  By 2002 closer to two thirds of the population were online according to the World Bank, and there-in comes the inevitable demise.

The company which runs the shrinking directory owes £2.2 billion and is only worth £28 million according to the FT (bypass Paywall).

When they moved from to they didn’t even implement 301 redirects properly on many internal pages of their site so their entry on Wikipedia is full of broken links in the references section.  Perhaps they need to buy one of their own digital packages which includes “search marketing services” or read something better than their own SEO advice section (all I could find there about redirects was something recommending that you register 3-5 domains and 301 them all to your main site in order to ‘grab more website traffic’).

As an aside – One thing I find absolutely ridiculous is that the company currently has its advertising prices regulated and restricted to increases at the rate of inflation! Like paper-based yellow directories that is a legacy from a bygone era!

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