To the Polls!

So, polling day tomorrow and I have the choice between two parties who send us literature, and the three I haven’t heard a squeak from since at least the last election.

Watford Park Ward 2012 Ballot Paper

Actually, I lie, I’ve already used my postal vote.  And I didn’t vote for a party that hadn’t been in touch.  If you want me to vote for you it might be a good idea to tell me you are standing and what your policies are before I see your name for the first and only time on the ballot paper.

It seems to have been rather a quiet year for election leaflets this time round, though I suspect this may be because in the Watford Borough at least there is only a single role up for election, that of your ward’s Borough councillor.

On one side there are the Lib Dems who seem to be leading on a Save Watford Met/introduce controlled parking zones everywhere ticket alongside their usual promises.  On the other, the Conservatives seem to be leading with with an opposition to development in the area – particularly that proposed for Cassiobury Park – and of course Save Watford Met.

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