Skype advertising on Sainsbury’s Milk

Skype are advertising on Sainsbury’s own brand milk.

Skype advertising on Sainsbury's Milk
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One step on from Tesco promoting their own car insurance offering on the side of Orange Juice. What is it with breakfast time advertising?

Tesco car insurance advert on Orange Juice

There’s even a company specialising in helping brands find their way on to your table in the morning, the rather aptly titled Milkmedia. It’s quite clever really since there will be repeated exposure to the advert every morning and whenever you make a cup of tea.

One Reply to “Skype advertising on Sainsbury’s Milk”

  1. Hello from Milkmedia
    Milk carton advertising – what a simple concept.
    It displays your product offering on one of the fastest-selling items located in the busiest aisles of the most popular stores, before transferring it to the very heart of every home. That’s the journey that milk takes from supermarket aisle to fridge door.
    Milkmedia has steadily developed the concept of advertising on milk containers since 2001, to the point now where it’s a proven and recognised above-the-line medium to rival the reach offered by TV, national press and radio. The list of household names that use us includes Allied Bakeries, Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, Mars, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and many more.
    Milk carton advertising – you just can’t miss it
    PS don’t forget the Milk!

    Kind regards
    Jeremy Williams CEO
    Milkmedia® a division of Value Initiatives Limited

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