Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise
Ben Miller (half of Armstrong and Miller) plays the fish-out-of-water detective inspector Richard Poole who is posted to the tourist Island of Saint-Marie following the murder of a colleague who was aiding the force.

Arriving on the small Carribean Island, which has a scarily high murder rate and little other apparent crime, Richard hates the sun, sand and sea and has to cope living in a “house” with a tree growing inside it.

Used to working with the well resourced Metropolitan Police DI Poole, now has to deal with dashing around the island in the forces’ single aged Landrover Defender with a motorbike and sidecar as the only backup.

With a forensics department now accessible only by boat or plane and a force that does everything manually he was never going to get on well, but does a remarkably good job at identifying murderers in the first two episodes.

Each episode follows the same who-dun-it pattern. A murder takes place at the start, the detectives go in and investigate clues and leads. With the help of flashbacks the story is re-pieced with a second murder helping the final pieces of the case get wrapped up until DI Poole is able to reveale the murderer and how they went about it in front of all the suspects.

The latest episode featured a bride murdered on her wedding day. Suspects included her new husband and his best man who both knew she was in to money on her wedding day. Things are futher complicated by family rifts, a prenuptial agreement that wasn’t actually signed and a diving instructor and jealous sister.

A good show – not just a jaunt in Guadeloupe for the BBC!

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