You aren’t an SEO Ninja

You aren’t an SEO Ninja.

Or an SEO Rockstar.

This is a Ninja:

Empty Box

(too late! you missed them)

This is a rockstar:

(well maybe some day)

This is SEO:

If you work in SEO the only time you can be a rockstar is in the evenings or at the weekends, unless you are Found’s SEO Manager who was playing his Ukulele in the office the other day. Still, not really rock is it.

When did you last see a rockstar or a ninja use Excel, worry about whether the now almost daily Firefox update would break their toolbar plugins or talk in a language of numbers as high as 301s, 302s and 404s. As for H1, well H isn’t even a note.

Advertising for an SEO ninja does not make you seem fun and quirky, it suggests you haven’t grown up. And you don’t even stand out from the crowd as lots of agencies and even big boring i’ll-hold-your-money-when-I-want-to corporates use these cringeworthy phrases.

SEO Ninja? No thanks. Consultant, Executive, Specialist. Yes Please.

Photos: Empty Box (z287marc), Rockstar (Andrew McFarlane), Dual Monitors (Sean MacEntee). All CC BY 2.0.

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  1. I still think ‘Search Baron’ is the best job title. But I think for comic effect you would need a pair of flying goggles and a rather spiffing moustache.

    Cool blog! Where can I subscribe to your newsletter? 😛

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