Things I learnt this week: Libya, Sahrawi, Canberra, Waterloo Road, Botswana

Is firing a gun into the air dangerous? The nagging question that we all wanted to know thousands of away from Libya.

Where the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is.

Mark Webber is the Canberra Milk Kid (via F1Racing magazine)

Botswana is a lot richer than I thought (via World’s Strictest Parents)

22 out of every 100 new domains run WordPress. And so they should, quick to set up, easy to use, and a load of templates and plugins available to customise your site.

An upcoming “social issue of the week” on Waterloo Road will have to be how to cope with your school jumping 200 miles along the M62, M60, M61, M6, M74 and M8 as the school moves from Rochdale to Glasgow. Imagine that pretty much means the pupils will all change as well.

It is possible to change a camera’s focus after the photo has been taken.

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