Pure DAB Tempus 1S Radio – Fix Power Freeze

I’ve had my PURE Tempus 1S Digital Radio for 2 or 3 years now and until recently experienced no problems.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up to find that the radio had died in its sleep – it was effectively frozen, stuck displaying a time from the early hours of the morning. Pressing the buttons on the front of the radio had no effect, to get it going again I had to pull out the power cable from the back.

The radio went through a brief restart phase and had to search for the time again – though thankfully it retained radio presets and alarm settings using the power from the internal battery. The radio would then be fully functional until the next time it decided to crash. There were seemingly random but regular intervals between freezes (multiple times a day) after which the power cable need to be disconnected and reinserted in order to force a restart.

Although the radio froze during the night and whilst I was out at work sometimes the radio would freeze when I was listening to it. This normally came when I was adjusting its volume, activating the sleep function or attempting to turn it off whilst laying in bed. The effect of the stoppage was the same – the cable needed to be removed, reinserted and then the desired operation selected again.

The fix
Using a Type A – Type B (I think?) USB cable I connected the radio to my laptop and went through the process described here. You must first select your operating system and then the radio model (in my case Tempus 1S, but there are other Tempus models so be careful!). You are then guided to download a program to your computer which takes you through the process of connecting the radio. The radios old firmware is then backed up to your computer and new firmware downloaded from the Internet and transferred via the USB to the radio.

The whole process took about 15 minutes once I had located the correct cable from my box of technology bits. And it worked – the radio is now fully functional and has not crashed since. No need to worry about the alarm not going off 6:30 tomorrow 🙂


The first part of the video demonstrates the problem. Wrong time being displayed and the radio not turning on when the power button is pressed. The power wire is removed and placed back in and then the radio functions properly.

The long term fix is next: Inserting the USB cable to connect radio and computer, switch on the radio and follow the instructions from the download. Once I decided to see if the firmware could be upgraded it was all rather simple.

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  1. Hi Philip, I am also having a problem with a Tempus 1S, but my software version is V1.1.
    It is also V1.1 on the Pure website.
    Can you tell me where you got version V1.2 from??

  2. Hi Tony,

    I just checked and the Firmware version on my radio now is 1.1 so it appears I actually downgraded from v1.2 (which must have come with the radio originally) to the version that was on the PURE website!

    If you’re still having issues I think it would probably be worth replacing your version 1.1 with the new download if your radio allows you to, perhaps the clean install will overcome the issue.

  3. Is your radio still working? I just repaired one of these with the freezing problem. It was actually caused because the power adapter was supplying 18v while the main filter capacitor was only rated for 15v. It was bulging and leaking, a common problem in consumer electronics. I replaced it with a 20v rated one and now it works fine. I see a lot of people online having this freezing problem and I’m not convinced reflashing the firmware is really helpful given how intermittent the problem is.

  4. Alistair yes it is. I’ve only reflashed the firmware once and have had no problems since.

    Though this does seem a widespread issue – thanks for your insight.

  5. Thanks for all your helpfulness – I went on to Pure in the end, got an almost instant response – and managed to do as they said and invoke a factory re-set by pushing in the menu button and ‘guessing’ when the display would have read: ‘Press tune button’ which then reset it. So far so good. Hope yours are all working well. Mine’s a Tempus 1, 7 years old.

  6. Hi alister , I got one coming during the week backlight light dim and faint buzzing I figured it would be some of the caps on the power side, as there built to a price not quality, so pleased to here about bulging, I’ll put a 30v caps in there with the same uf, and good quality ones at that.

  7. More information as to why freezing takes place the filter capacitor is 15 volts , the power rail is 18v, this would explain the freezing, and turning off then back on would allow it to work again before freezing again, I’ve experience this on repairing some Amateur radio transmitters, changing them for higher voltage caps is good thing 20/40/50v won’t hurt at all, gives them an easeir life long as the uf value is the same.

  8. I too have become the victim of a Tempus crash. But my PC runs on Windows 8 and Pure say they don’t support 64bit technology. I have written to them to see what they propose to do about this and will come back to this blog when I have an answer. Seems a shame that the only present option is to buy a new radio, especially at such a price!

  9. I have now heard from PURE and carried out their instructions. It works. Good luck to anyone else exploring this problem.

    See following:


    Actually we do not have an update available for this model so it’s not really the advise I’d give.

    I would start by trying a factory reset. The factory reset re-calibrates a number of low level controllers, like RF controllers, CD controllers (where applicable) and resets the operating system – often resolving most anomalies found.

    Start by making sure your aerial system is fully extended and vertical. Make sure the radio is switched on. Press and hold the Menu button until you see ‘Press Tune to confirm reset’. When you see this release the menu button and press the Tune knob to confirm.

    Please note that performing a factory rest will remove any presets, timer and alarm settings you may have stored in your product. You will need to re-enter these when the reset is complete.


    Richard Ellicott
    Technical Support Engineer, Pure

  10. I have had my Tempus 1 for 10 years and recently it has started crashing and display has malfunctioned. I tried resetting it etc but this did not work. I have just tried it with a generic 12 volt adapter and the radio is working fine so I figure that after 10 years use the power unit TEAD–48-121200vb had worn out.

  11. Hi Phil, I have had my Tempus-1s for about five years, the problem is I only use it about two or three times a week, when I plug the power adapter in the radio is dead, If you leave it about ten minutes the display comes to life, all the presets have been lost. Is there an internal battery to retain the memory. Any help most gratefully appreciated, John.

  12. Hi all, I have just bought a used Tempus 1 digital and found the display would not show the time. I only shows “getting time…” I have tried a factory reset and autotune – only to lose some stations! – including Radio 5SX (for the cricket)! But it did not solve the time issue. Do not know about the internal bits of a radio, just accept that they work – or should! Nor have I the correct USB cable – where to get one if needed? Any help would be gratefully received. Keith

  13. Hello Philip

    Thanks so much for your earlier tip about the power rating. I’ve just swapped the power adapter with a higher rated one from another device and the radio is now working fine again!


  14. I am facing this problem were my Tempus-1 that I have had for 7 years is actually losing power having the power unit pluged-in. So I purchased a new power adapter from Pure thinking the original one reached end of life…but the problem came back and one day did not get woken up! I tried to find firmware update on tempus-1 but I cant find any on the pure website. I am not trying the factory reset. I’d like to know if anybody else has had the same issue or if there is something else I could try.

  15. @Phil
    I had a problem of the Tempus-1 unable to get time (Message “Getting time …”).
    I believe the latest software for the Tempus-1 is v1.4, which I couldn’t find anywhere, not even on the pure.com site.
    However v1.3 is available here:
    This upgrade fixed my problem.

    Important: You need to run the exe from a 32bit pc, details here:
    Good luck

  16. Hi Philip
    I used to have a radio Pure Digital Tempus – 1.
    I used it for a while and then I gave it to me dad. But he’s in Cuba and he can’t make this radio work as it was made to work in the UK.
    I was wondering if there’s any way that my dad can make this radio work in Cuba.
    We thought that it wasn’t working because of the voltage but we tried 220v and it was fine but we realised that it needs to be fixed maybe from inside as the problem probably is with the bandwidth.
    My dad went to a technician in Cuba but they didn’t know how to fix it because they don’t have the radio plan or radio map of the interior.
    I was wondering if you could help me with this or if you could recommend me a site where I can get this radio map?

    I’ll appreciate your help.


  17. Hello,
    Not sure if your blog is still active but thought I would give it a try anyway! I have a pure Tempus-1 which has a lit display but nothing else. No auto tune function or any sound.
    I have tried the reset using the menu button but nothing happens. I have tried connecting to a pc via USB but perhaps because it doesn’t seem to be powering up properly it won’t actively connect to a pc.
    I know the power lead is ok as I have tried an alternative one which is the same voltage and works with another radio.
    I have accessed pure’s website and tried to obtain the firmware upgrade but it doesn’t even recognise the format of the serial number that is on the back of the radio!
    Just wondering if you have any suggestions as their website seems a bit useless!

  18. Hi. Can anyone help. We have two Pure Tempus 1 radios in the house. One stopped working a week ago. When turned on, the screen is backlit, but there is no display, and no ability to tune the radio even ‘blindly’ turning the tune knob.

    We have tried swapping the power cable with the other radio that does work, but it makes no difference.
    Any ideas for repairing this?



  19. Hello,
    Just stumbled across this site when I decided to try and work out how old my Tempus 1 is (running v 1.4 firmware) as I’m thinking of updating to a new Pure, mostly so that I can also stream music to it, but partly as I have the occasional freezing problem which is sorted out by simply unplugging the radio for a moment. It happens when the radio is on standby, I go to turn it on and it’s unresponsive. Not a problem when it happens during the day or as I’m getting ready for bed but it causes me to use my phone as a backup alarm clock if I need to get up extra early as a precaution in case it freezes then.
    A couple of days ago I encountered a different kind of freezing problem for the second or third time in it’s at least 10-12 year life. The first difference is that it happened while the radio was being listened to.
    Repeated unplugging to reset as above did one of three things, a) the screen would light up but with no text to see (as Barry describes) and the buttons don’t work….b) a noise would be heard from the speaker as you plug it in but with no other response from screen or buttons or c) no noise or response whatsoever. It would pick one of these three options randomly each time until I gave up and unplugged it and went to bed. In the morning I tried again and again no display or button response, I left it plugged in while I went and brushed my teeth and brought my unPure bathroom radio in to listen to instead and heard my Tempus 1 had come out of its coma, playing Radio 5 as it should with all the alarms and presets still stored correctly. Now this was about 30 minutes in to the period of time that the radio is on when it’s been turned on by the alarm and the display light wasn’t on as it would be if it was running normally. What caused it to come back on again is a mystery, it certainly wasn’t a case of me not being patient enough to wait a couple of minutes after plugging it in as it didn’t cure it when I did that the morning before when it first froze, leaving it plugged in all day didn’t sort it yet it didn’t immediately spring back in to life after being left unplugged for 8 hours either….it was at least 20 minutes or so later
    The last time this happened was well over a year ago and (except for the usual temporary freeze) it’s run fine every day so don’t go throwing your Tempus 1 or perhaps any Pure out as soon as you get to the stage where you think it’s died…..it may just be in an unexplained coma.

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