Google Chrome Angry Birds Advert

Oh great, now my browser has advertising.

Creating a new tab in Chrome this morning resulted in me seeing this:

Previously I would see something like the below, a useful screen providing one click access to the websites I visit most regularly and the last few tabs I had closed.

It looks to me as if this new “new tab” screen has been rushed out to promote Angry Birds without much thought given to its usability.

This page now has three tabs. The central tab branded “Apps”- set as the default – contains the not particularly well branded Angry Birds advert on the “App” tab. The the “Most visited” tab features now significantly more blurry screenshots of webpages I regularly visit – with access to recently closed tabs now a step further away, hidden behind an expandable menu rather than the previous one-click access. And the third “Bookmarks” tab? Well the Google Gods haven’t even made that yet “Bookmarks coming soon…” it reads.

So now without warning I get adverts in my browser, slower access to recently accessed tabs and an incomplete non-functioning “bookmarks” page. Thanks Google.

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