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Working in SEO (almost!) and having an obvious interest in GameMaker through my Game Maker Blog I had to address a recent, closed, GMC topic in which a user asked whether the software was officially called Game Maker or GameMaker.

Connor Wilkins succintly explained the reason for the rebranding from Game Maker to GameMaker:

“YoYo Games’s (paraphrased) reasoning: A ‘Game Maker’ is someone who makes games, while ‘GameMaker’ is a tool to create them.”

Another user replied with:

“I think one of the main reasons for the change is because searching for Game Maker gives more general results than searching for GameMaker. It’s better marketing from the customer discovery angle. And, really, does a space make all that much difference as to even warrant a discussion about it?”

Which is a load of tosh.

The (logged out) Google.com results page for “Game Maker” returns 4 YoYoGames.com pages, followed by some non-GM Google news articles, the GM Wikipedia article, Game Maker hosted on a download site, two Game Maker YouTube videos, a “rival” product and finally Game Maker hosted on another download site.
A total of: 4 official Game Maker links, 5 unofficial Game Maker related links, 1 rival product and Google News.
Total Game Maker specific results: 9/10.

The (logged out) Google.com results page for “GameMaker” returns the same 4 YoYoGames.com pages in a slightly different order, the GM Wikipedia article, Game Maker hosted on a download site, a Game Maker video, a Swedish curriculum which has no apparent link to YoYo Games’ Game Maker, a rival product and a historic product with the same name.
A total of: 4 official Game Maker related links, 3 unofficial Game Maker related links, 2 different non-YoYo Games products and an education course with the same name which does not use the software.
Total Game Maker specific results: 7/10.

7 < 9. "Better marketing from the customer discovery angle"? On both queries YoYo Games have the top 4 results. [game maker] also has more than 4 times as many global exact match searches on Google than [gamemaker] The user continues:

“When marketing a product, you want users to find your specific product when searching.”

Yes. Both searches yield the specific product, with the [Game Maker] first page being more specific to YoYo Games’ product than [GameMaker].

“Perhaps Google, yes, but there are other search engines. For example, searching “game maker” on Excite has YYG at the 4th result, dogpile.com has it as the 3rd, it’s 4th at WebCrawler, sixth at MetaCrawler, etc. The reason for all of these drops is because other sites involving “game” and “maker” (some about university courses in game design) show up first. If removing a single space would bring GM to the top of all these engines’ pages, then it’s a good marketing move, and there’s no reason to be against it. It’s just a space, after all.”

Ummm no. Firstly let’s ignore the fact that the combined marketshare of all the mentioned engines is minuscule. The only reason these results don’t appear at the top is because both these search engines do not distinguish their sponsored search results from their organic listings in a clear manner at all. No idea how this is even allowed from either a an advertising provider point of view (both use sponsored Google and Yahoo listings) or the “hiding ads from the consumer” angle.

Take a look at Excite.

Dogpile is even worse.

I now know exactly what that Dog pile is! Dog S***.

WebCrawler and MetaCrawler are the same. YoYoGames.com is the top natural result for [Game Maker]. They just don’t clearly distinguish paid and organic listings. MetaCrawler isn’t as bad as the others at this though.

Excite, Dogpile and MetaCrawler also return YoYoGames as the top result for [GameMaker], the only different being that WebCrawler returns the official Game Maker Community ahead of the GameMaker page at yoyogames.com

Inconsistencies across YoYo Games’ own homepage certainly don’t help. But GameMaker definitely does not yield better results than Game Maker.

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