Horrible Histories

At 21 I don’t think I’m quite in the CBBC remit but their Horrible Histories is a brilliantly entertaining educational show.

According to Wikipedia the show has one three BAFTAs and was “the surprise winner of the sketch show category of The British Comedy Awards, 2010”. I don’t find that too much of a surprise. The show consists of a variety of historical sketches linked together by¬†animated characters from the various eras and a talking rat puppet.

Each show features content based on a mix of Horrible Histories books written by Terry Deary such as Rotten Romans, Terrible Tudors and Frightful French. Not focusing on a single time period helps keep things fresh and fast paced with packed with loads of historical knowledge, though I expect wont be as good for teachers!

As well as their own sketches Horrible Histories also parodies many other shows – Points of View, Wife Swap, a Gok Wan fashion program, Come Dine with Me and MasterChef are all given historical makeovers.

Jim Howick, you’ll recognise him as Gerard from Peep Show, pops up in most of the scenes.

It’s funny, fast paced, keeps things interesting, amusing whilst giving historical facts. ¬†Most importantly not dull or patronising – really fun to watch. Glad to see it has had some decent money spent on it.

Oh, and it has songs.


Horrible Histories on iPlayer (UK Only)

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