Fools of last Week

A lot of stupid things seem to have happened last week. Here are the fools that made them happen.

The media
Gave so much free publicity to a certain incredibly shallow dating site which claimed to have a virus in a PR stunt. No idea why they all lapped up the “story”.

Via The Inquirer

BBC graphics department
For allowing the below to appear on screen as part of an animated sequence. Really? Blow Jobs. No one saw that coming?
BBC Blow Jobs
Via @The_MediaBlog

Clear Channel Adshel
Installed a bus-shelter/advert in front of someone’s driveway.
Bus shelter blocks drivewway
Photos at This Is Gloucestershire don’t clearly show a driveway so maybe not as stupid as it first sounds!

Un-named contractors working for City of York Council
This is a good photo story so you’ve probably already come across it. A fence was installed through the middle of a football goal at a park in York.

Jon Bennell
Four masked men decide to go and break in to someone’s house in the middle of the night.  House occupants, including a “nice, quiet man who works in a local garage“, see them.  Phone the police.  One of the burglars is stabbed.  Burglar buddies carry off stabbed criminal before dumping his body in the road and running off.  They sound like really nice guys.

The Daily Record states that “his dad Garry, 52, admitted he [Jon Bennell] was on bail for another alleged burglary weeks earlier.” Some common sense though, dead burglar’s Dad also said “Things can get out of hand but you’re entitled to protect your property.”

Stephen Kirkbride
Jacket Thief in Court Stolen
Photo: 5.11 Tactical Fleece Lined Jacket by Chazz Layne (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
This guy (not the one in the picture!) turned up to court on a shoplifting charge wearing the jacket he was accused of stealing. The jacket was ripped where he had removed the security tag.
Via The Westmorland Gazette

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