Badminton it is then

My Dad applied for Olympics tickets. We applied for hockey x2, badminton and table tennis x2. All sports we found quite exciting to watch at the previous Olympics and I have played at one time or another.

Sport: Badminton
Session code: BD007
Date/Time: 30 JULY 2012 08:30
Price category: C
Quantity: 4

Sport: Table Tennis
Session code: TT019
Venue: EXCEL
Date/Time: 03 AUGUST 2012 19:00
Price category: D
Quantity: 1

No Olympic Park tickets, rubbish! Oh well at least we got some. When the Paralympic Games application process opens we will have to make sure we get some for Stratford.

Photo credit: Day 2 Badminton (16 Aug 2010) by Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games CC BY-NC 2.0

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  1. Hey Philip,
    Glad to hear you are a Badminton crazy as I am….have been for as long as I can remember.
    England in general, Watford included would be an ideal place to be in to have Badminton on your regular diet/menu. That goes for Table Tennis which I’ve played extensively as well.

    Look, I must tell you that here in Phoenix we just got lucky and landed a brand new place to indulge in on a regular basis with both of these sports. It’s the PHXBC (Phoenix Badminton Center) in Deer Valley a suburb of Phoenix and opened recently.

    Luckily it’s open 7 days/ week and very state of the art and pretty affordable. England I know is littered with places to play and one need not drive very far in order to play. So keep playing and if you come Stateside (U.S.) would you drop me a line.? I must also second the motion,yes, Badminton it is!

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