Super Injunction Fail?

If you are stupid enough 1) to have an affair, 2) whilst being a “celebrity”, 3) with another “celebrity”, 4) get caught and 5) believe that you can spend lots of money on a super-injunction and it will magically all go away, it certainly wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world to do to give the whole thing away by publicly replying to a tweet asking how the affair went with the response “I think you should be very careful. Writing on here is publishing.”  [Google it]

Just saying.  No idea if it’s true or not as when a super-injunction is taken out it means the press can’t publish a) the story of the affair or b) publish a story stating that the individuals involved had taken out such an injunction. And because the people that the injunction relates to remains secret (apart from “the press” who know all about I presume) I’ve no idea how I am meant to know whose affair not to write about…  the whole thing is just silly.

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