More Music Variety – Not Bloody Likely Heart

Following the Heartification of Global Radio brands, which has succeeded in turning local radio stations around the country in to a London show with local drivetime presenters stuck on for good measure, my local commercial FM radio station now promises “More Music Variety”.

In a recent appearance on Zane Lowe’s show Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills said that he used to work for a station that promised to play more music variety – when it was plainly obvious that they didn’t.

This is so true. All Heart seem to play at the moment is Take That, Bruno Mars, Cee Low Green. ¬†Under their former Mercury guise they had a period where they would play the Tom Robinson Band’s 2-4-6-8-Motorway on an almost daily basis, despite the fact it was released in 1977!

There’s a joke in our family that you can’t listen to 5 songs or more on Heart without having Robbie Williams or Take That played. A typical Heart link seems to consist of “Wow that was an amazing/beautiful song, isn’t it a lovely day today, coming up we’ve got songs by Adele, Mike Posner and Take That”.

Looking at the airplay chart things seem to run true. Heart Hertfordshire (what a name) has 3 songs by Adele in the top 10 most played songs last week. 8 songs have been played over 30 times in the week. Radio 1 on the other hand did not play any song over 30 times and only 9 more than 20 times.

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