How bad is the Top 40?

The most remarkable thing about the UK Top 40 isn't how bad it all is, it's how many songs feature other artists. 6 of the top 12 do O.o

Though how bad it all is is the second most remarkable thing.

So I decided to go through the Top 40 and to see how many songs I thought were good and how many were bad.  When I realised how long this would take I cut it back to just the top 10!

  1. At number one is Jennifer Lopez featuring a dog apparently, well “Pitbull”. Quite catchy music but I’m not a fan.
  2. Two is Adele and Someone Like You. A beautiful song, no auto-tune rubbish here. It’s been around for a while since it was sung at the BRITS and apparently it is in fact “the longest reigning number one single in the UK of the decade so far”.
  3. Apparently LMFAO is an artist.  They read this name out on radio as well despite it being an acronym for a rather rude phrase.  The song, Party Rock Anthem, is trying hard on the featuring front with both Lauren Bennett and “Goonrock” making appearances.   I wouldn’t choose to listen to this, that said it doesn’t particularly annoy me.
  4. The Black Eyed Peas with “Just Can’t Get Enough” which always makes me think of the Depeche Mode song of the same name when I see it written down. I like this.
  5. Don’t Hold Your Breath by Nicole Scherzinger. It’s catchy and alright.
  6. Quite why you would choose the pseudonym Wiz Khalifa when your real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz I don’t know. Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu as Tinie Tempah is acceptable because the majority of radio DJs will not be able to pronounce the Nigerian surname but Wiz – as in piss? Khalifa – as in the Al-Khalifa family from Bahrain of call-in-the-Saudi-army to crush protesters fame? Really!? The song appears to be about oil and sand or something. Yuk.
  7. First shock comes when I see that Jessie J is white, wasn’t expecting that from the music! Didn’t like Do It Like a Dude but this one, Price Tag, is better. Acceptable. And Bob? No don’t know him.
  8. Katy B with Broken Record. I think the record is broken, wish they wouldn’t play it. Dislike.
  9. Someone finally seems to have told Rihanna what her name is thank god. This is much better than What’s My Name. Catchy chorus I dare not listen any more carefully to decipher the lyrics given its title “S&M (Come On)”.  Alright.
  10. Dr Dre needs a doctor so what does he do?  Phones up Eminem and Skylar Grey and gets them to sing bits on his record.  Seriously?  I know you have to pay for stuff like that in the States but given he earned $52 million in 2001 from selling a share in a record label I’d figure he could afford some insurance.  I like some of Eminem’s stuff and this edges it towards that category.

In summary 3 likes, 4 alrights and 3 dislikes.  Also: 6 American, 3 British, 1 Barbadian.

You can find a list of the Top 40 UK singles and listen to short clips of them so you know what the songs actually sound like here.

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