University of Birmingham Waste Heat Transfer Bridge [Photos]

New bridge by Uni station takes waste heat from our energy generating plant to heat Medical School. Will save us 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year

Had seen this under various states of construction over the past few weeks of walks along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal which now passes by my house in Selly Oak on a newly created aqueduct.

We’d decided a while ago that the construction work, just south of the road bridge near University station, was not related to the construction of the nearby Selly Oak relief road and associated landscaping which includes a a new aqueduct and train bridge in the place of a former embankment.

On my last walk down the canal the main section of the new bridge was suspended parallel to the road bridge using the newly installed central support. I stopped for a while with my friend whilst we tried to work out what it was! We concluded it was some form of bridge, much too narrow to drive a car down but also probably not for pedestrians since a perfectly good footpaths lies just a couple of metres away on the existing road bridge over the canal and because of height differences on either side of the canal and train line. It is a strange and very shiny metallic contraption – pretty big if it is just going to contain a pipe. It must be transferring a lot of heat!


Last week’s photos:

Start of the central support, previously this was a big hole!
Brick bridge in distance carries road and pedestrians to campus

The tow-path under the bridge has been blocked off by the construction of the central supporting tower so you are now required to walk on water! Well on this boom floating on the canal:

Boom under the bridge

This week’s photos:

Central support viewed from under road bridge
Waste Transfer Bridge - Computer Science
Computer Science is the red building to the right of the bridge!
The structure is very shiny as can be seen in this reflection

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