Guild Elections

Yesterday was the start of the Guild of Students election campaigning period. You can always tell this time of year because on the way into University you are greeted by a multitude of candidates wearing ridiculous costumes. There is normally a tenuous but not in the slightest bit amusing connection between the name of the person standing and the seemingly random character they dress up as or have on their banners.

When you get closer you will hear shouts of “Vote ABC for some position” from the candidates and their minions.

I haven’t heard anything of policies though. It’s like this every year and it is becoming an obstacle course to get to lectures. After only two days I have heard a lot of other people expressing their dislike for the way these elections are run – perhaps because we are now third years so the novelty has now worn off for everyone.

On a normally peaceful walk through the leafy campus to lectures you are met with “Vote XYZ” signs littered across campus. They look hideous.

There are 43 candidates standing. Voting doesn’t even open until next Monday AND it lasts a week. I imagine I will get far more annoyed even as I do my best to ignore them all. Imagine if a serious political party ran their campaign in this way.

Apparently the turnout last year was 18%. And I voted (for the least annoying candidates!). The two candidates standing for president (only two!?) are apparently called Rachael ‘Super Rae’ Twumasi and Mark Harrop ‘Potter’. That about says it all.

Guild Election time at UoB...can't walk anywhere without someone throwing a flyer in your face! I like the free stuff though 🙂

Just had lecture shouts from 5 of the sab candidates in a single lecture, not too sure how happy the lecturer was... #guildelections11

I woke up today thinking I was oh so popular on here and facebook - then realised it's guild election time so everyone's adding, grr

@unibirmingham Why are Guild election candidates allowed to litter on campus?

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