Quick HTC Desire Review

I’ve had my HTC Desire, running Android, for about 3 months now. Here is a quick look back and the good and bad points I have experienced so far.


The touch screen keyboard doesn’t take much getting used to. Having never used one before (apart from at station ticket machines!) it didn’t take long at all to make sure I was pressing the correct keys. If you do hit the wrong keys it has a nice auto-correct feature which also allows you can easily select a different correction or add new words to the dictionary.

With the recent addition of an online interface for the Android Marketplace it is now very easy to buy apps online which are then automatically pushed to your phone. I did this for my purchase of YoYo Games’ Skydiver HD and the process was scarily easy and quick given the fact it is linked up to my deibt card!

The general interface is very nice and intuitive and I haven’t really had any problems with it all.


Only one really: HTC Desire Disk Space. The phone came with a 2GB mini SD card included which was very helpful but some apps can not be moved to it. Several apps also generate large amounts of data which means that the storage space fills up pretty quickly even if you move all the apps you can to the SD card. This is annoying.

My most used apps:

Not in any particular order

  • GMail
  • TweetDeck – for keeping up to date with things
  • Opera Mini – I find this to be better than the built in ‘Internet’ app

Along with the Camera and Messages, oh, and actually making phone calls.

On the games side I haven’t really got hooked in to much apart from Angry Birds, Alchemy and Solitaire.

There is also a nifty “Phone Usage” app which gives you information about your phones data usage or, more beneficial to me given my truly unlimited plan from GiffGaff, produces pretty graphs showing various statistics about the usage of the phone!

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  1. Until April data is free to anyone (even if you have no credit) but after that it is only available free if you get a £10 or above “goodybag” which I get anyway.

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