Knowsley Council Blog Spam

If you want a free dofollow backlink you can get lots from Knowsley Council’s blog.

I’d seen this previously but never wrote anything about it until I was prompted to when I was looking at the inbound links to an affiliate site and saw it had one from the domain.

The¬†Knowsley’s blog section of the their website (last updated June 2009) is no longer linked to from the council homepage (PR 6) but the main blog is PR3. It contains just a handful of posts all of which have at least 500, mainly spam, comments. The first few comments on most posts are genuine messages left by local people or those involved in subject of the blog, a Chernobyl Aid Convoy. One of these posts is currently attracting new SEO comment spam at the rate of about 10 per day.

Two of the blog posts actually have a Page Rank of 1 except I can get neither of these to load because the pages throw ASP exceptions!

Here are some examples of some of the many domains that Knowsley Council’s domain links to. It should be pretty obvious which are legitimate links and which are comment spam!

The ASP exception page suggestions that the CMS being used here is Immediacy, couldn’t find any prices on their website so no doubt it costs an arm and a leg.

Pretty sad to see Knowsley Council taxpayers money being used to promote all these websites.

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