Time for a well deserved break!

Today I finished and submitted the last University assignment I need to do before Christmas.  Even though I think I planned things pretty well the last two weeks have been very busy.  Because of how the calendar panned out (late Easter?) I break up tomorrow so only have a week off before Christmas.

Had my final year project inspection where we demonstrate our project to a non-supervisor staff member and it went okay – possibly picked up some ideas I can use.  Don’t think I have blogged about my project so will do a post on it later – in short terms it is a tool which analyses the inbound links pointing to a particular website.

Hope it doesn’t snow too much because I want to get home!

When I do get home the Uni has decided, for the first time in 3 years, to set me a C assignment, an essay and I will need to keep up work on my project to keep in running on time.  Fun.  Suppose it is my final year and isn’t meant to be easy but I liked work free holidays!

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