Sarries at Wembley

Went to see Saracens play Wasps at Wembley today, the first ‘proper’ rugby match I have seen for quite a long time! Also the first time I had been inside the new Wembley.

ASLEF were nice and fucked up the trains because they wanted triple wages plus a day off just to do their job today. Greedy bastards. Sooner they automate the trains the better.

So crammed into a minibus and made way to the stadium getting to our seats – in the Gold Club Section (swish) – just before the kick off. The stadium clearly wasn’t designed for such levels of road traffic (pretty good public transport when it is actually running!).

First half was, well, dire. 3-0 to Sarries at half time and only just. The best kicking we had seen by the start of the second half was by a fan who won £250,000 by hitting the crossbar with a drop goal from the half way line. The second time this has happened in a Sarries match at Wembley – The insurance company must be revising the club’s premium as I write! [video of the first time]. Eliza Doolittle also sang at half time, not really my cup of tea. Did have some nice and not too prohibitively expensive hot chocolate though!

More than 50,000 tickets for the match were apparently sold but the attendance was 38,000 presumably because many people had been planning to get the tube to go to the match (grr).
Gavin Henson came on for his first appearance and nearly scored a try, oh, and we (soon to be Barnet Copthill RFC) won.

Yah! Tickets cost £10 but apparently they were giving them out cheaper in the Standard. Good day out despite the union (not bitter at all! :P).

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