On the mess in London

These clueless rioters bore me now.

“Student protests” pretty much summed up by the question of a BBC reporter to a ‘protester’ earlier today: “Can you tell us why you’re here” Response:  “Umm…   No”

Mildly amusing comment earlier by a BBC guest opposed to fees/cuts who clearly thinks that we should continue to spend more than we can ever pay back:  “Concrete breeze blocks aren’t particularly constructive”.  Tell that to someone in the building trade.

Yes the maximum amount Universities will be able to charge is much higher but to be honest I don’t really see why there has been so much fuss.  Not all Universities will charge the top fees.  Students already pay fees.  The new system means that you don’t have to start paying them until you are earning £6,000 more than currently.  If you don’t pay them off in full they get written off after 30 years.   Pretty good deal if you don’t actually make good use of your time at University and if you do well it shouldn’t be a problem.

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