Busy Times

Vale Fireworks 20103 sisters by Conan (TK) (cc)

Since ProSEO two weeks ago I have been very busy.

On the uni side I have been making a console-based text chatting system in C as well as working on my final year project. I e-mailed Patrick Altoft and he gave me a couple more ideas for the project so all is good there, made good progress with almost a full day of work on it last Friday.

On Thursday went to see the Vale fireworks – didn’t think it was as impressive as in previous years. Perhaps they decided it would be good to tone it down given the recent announcements that tuition fees will double and could triple in the next few years. Still I didn’t see any arts students protesting.   Here are some Flickr photos of the Vale Fireworks.

Talking of fireworks my Cassiobury Park website experienced an explosion in traffic – up to a 3,300% spike on normal levels on the day of the bonfire there. Sadly revenue didn’t increase at all!

Have also been hooked into playing OpenTTD by house mates. Kind of like Railroad Tycoon, which I enjoyed playing previously but eventually got bored of, but with the ability to build road, sea and air transport networks as well. The railroad construction system is far more complex than in Railroads with the entrance and exit paths into stations, signals and pretty much everything having to be manually constructed.

Onwards!  Next C exercise has already been out a week.

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