Notes on ProSEO

Had a really good time at ProSEO where there were a lot of big name speakers, thanks to Distilled for the free ticket.

Picked up a few ideas for my final year project particularly from Patrick Altoft of Branded3/SEO blog blogstorm.   A couple more features I now plan to implement in my Link Analysis tool are a link profile graph showing the spread of links from each domain authority (so you can build links that follow the natural linking profile for your sector) and an indicator that a site may have been penalised by Google if its PageRank value is significantly different from the mozRank (there is a SEOmoz API).

Patrick’s presentation also made use of an excellent tool for visualising word based data (e.g. you can stick an RSS feed into it or, in this case, a list of anchor text point to a domain).  Wordle have some advanced features which can enable integration with other software.

Dave Naylor was pretty spot on with his Google is taking over the SERPs talk too!

Although I’m still ahead of schedule on the downside I haven’t coded anything on my project for the last 6 days due to going back home, the conference and a C project to create a “console-based Internet chatting system”.

MSInternet came into uni today along with a game development recruitment company. They were billed as a web development/internet marketing company but after a nice chat with MD Martin Saunders it seems they are mostly focused on php development and iPhone Apps now rather than SEO :(.

Wordle: CP referring keywordsWordle: Game Maker Blog referring keywords

Above:  Couple of Wordle clouds for (non-weighted) referring search terms in last month  – pretty obvious which sites they are for!

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