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Noticing that I had 7 pending friend requests on Facebook last week I decided I should clear out my facebook friends.

Of the 7 requests:

  • 4 were spam – the first I have received on Facebook and all which appeared within seconds of each other.
  • 2 were people I recognised the names of but have never met who presumably added me because we have some mutual friends regardless of the fact I know nothing about them
  • 1 was a Game Maker person that I did not know at all well

Along the way I found out some rather interesting things such as the fact that you can very easily bulk harvest your friends e-mail addresses in text form and that my friends are overwhelmingly male (well I do Computer Science).

I conducted a very-mini purge removing 13 ‘friends’.  Without exception these people were people that I have not spoken to since I left school 2 years ago either in person or online and had never been particularly friendly with.  At the time it seemed like a good idea to accept all friend requests coming my way though now everyone is on Facebook I can be more selective!  From now on I intend to operate on a one-in-one-out policy so I don’t feel so bad about ‘unfriending’ so many people at once!

Also got an unusual message asking me to “tag a friend” which turned out to be me.  Can only presume this is the start of auto tagging friends in photos.  Hurrah.

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