Not bad for a number two driver

Poor Mark Webber (and, I didn’t think I would write this, Alonso).

As normal I found myself getting bored towards the middle of today’s F1.  Vettel’s comeback towards the end of the race and counting the number of times Legard said “extraordinary” livened things up though.

Nice to hear Martin Whitmarsh’s stating the obvious response to a question posed by Brundle on his grid walk.  “Will you be able to get anywhere near the Red Bulls?”  “I imagine at the first corner we’ll be pretty close” (or words to that effect).  Reminds me of Ross Brawn’s response at the start of last season.  Red  Bull’s ability to self-destruct is at least keeping the championship race well and truly open.

  • Sadly it hasn’t been updated for a while but one of my favourite ‘funny’ websites to visit is the Formula 1 parody news website The Runoff Area.
  • As far as I can tell the “For Sure” championship counted last year by RealBrawnGP is not running this year.

Photo by ph-stop (cc)

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