Exams. Results. Careers.

Had my last exam of the year a week ago today.  Results are supposed to be with us before tomorrow but as yet no-one has received anything.  Unlike people taking other subjects or going to University elsewhere I do need to stick around to the official end of term date as there are a series of events I need to, or may need to, attend.

Yesterday for example there were presentations of the third year module options, today there were committee elections and tomorrow exam script viewing.  On Friday I am going to the GradJobs fair at the NEC.  I went last year and couldn’t see myself working for the vast majority of companies there.  I applied for a couple of industrial placements at the most promising looking businesses but they didn’t go very far, I got further with ones that advertised on campus and online.  Better luck this year I hope although to be honest I don’t really expect to find anything to suit my fancy there as most of the companies that will attend are large and boring.

Also booked myself a careers appointment for tomorrow having realised that in about a year I will have finished my final year and will need to get a job.

It’s scary.

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