Results of the Lib Dems Negative Campaigning

Results of the Conservatives campaigning:  +5.3% gain.  From third place to taking the seat.
Results of the Liberal Democrats negative campaigning: +1.1% gain. Remain in second place.  Oh and the “can’t win here” Conservatives won.  Here.

A standard A4 sheet made from 80 grams/m² paper weighs 5 grams. I counted the equivalent of 14 A4 sized pieces of paper being delivered by the Lib Dems in Watford whilst I have been there (either addressed to me or not addressed to any particular member of the household). That’s 70 grammes.

Based on one person per house (in reality some of the literature was received in our house multiple times as it was addressed to each voter in the household) the paper usage comes out at:
(55,208 / 68.3) * 100 * (70 grams) = 5,658.21376 kilograms
(I couldn’t find the registered number of voters in the constituency anywhere so I calculated the total potential voters figure – 80,831.6 – from the BBC total votes and percentage turnout figures)

That’s 5.65 metric tonnes of paper or 1,131,64.75 pieces A4 paper delivered across Watford.

Also worth noting that these figures exclude leaflets/letters that arrived before I came back for Easter or after I left to go back to University.  I wonder how this compares to the local paper’s usage throughout the year, just a fraction of it I suspect.

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