Lib Dem’s Negative Campaigning Will Win Here!

A long overdue update to the Election Campaigning count.

First a quick recap on the previous scores:

  • Selly Oak: Lib 2, Lab 2
  • Watford: Con 3, Lib 2

Understandably there has been a huge increase as the election gets nearer and the pile is now so big I have been forced to get counting. Lack of hospital sign photos (obviously not fashionable this year) has meant a slight change in rules – I will now award points for all photos in an identifiable hospital location.

Few more pointers:

  • All photos of Gordon Brown in the Libs/Con promo!
  • Lib Dems have by far the most negative campaign
  • I especially enjoyed the news article style “Green party out of the race in Watford constituency” from the Lib Dems

New Watford scores:

  1. Liberal Democrats – 43
  2. Conservatives – 8
  3. British National Party – 4
  4. Labour – 1

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