Third Leaders’ Debate

Rainy earlier this afternoon when after a revision lecture I decided to have a little look around the commotion on campus ahead of tonight’s Prime Ministers debate on the BBC.

Top marks to the University for getting red, blue and yellow Hydrogen cars on show.  After spotting various presenters (Huw Edwards, Adam Boulton and Dermot Murnaghan apparently moonlighting at Sky)  and watching the Sky news presenter read her autocue for a bit we walked over to the Labour Party bus only for Peter Mandleson to appear out of the red hydrogen car.  We followed him, his entourage, the press and wet students until he went inside the security cordon.

Earlier in the day almost got run over by what I now know to be a Labour campaign poster, amusingly at lunch the same mobile ad firm drove past The Goose pub with politically disguised adverts for an upcoming A-Team film.

Loads of police/press/fences everywhere on campus.  Might go over and have another look after dinner.

Didn't realise this was meant to be promoting Brown until later...
Mandleson is in there. Honest

Nick Petrie/Redbrick

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