Single Page to Mini Site

I decided to expand from a single page promoting Game Maker and my blog about it to a mini-site with several pages.

Traffic to GM8 has been very good considering the minimal amount of time I have spent on it since registering the domain. ┬áThe top Google ranking for “game maker 8” went pretty quickly to YoYo Games after the final public release of version 8 but traffic still averages about 9,000 page views a month.

Old website:

New homepage:

As well as providing more content, which should keep people on the site for longer, I also turned my attention to trying to monetize the website. The small homepage box ad from Project Wonderful has been replaced with a larger Google Adsense block and the page about Game Maker books gives me the opportunity to plug my Amazon Affiliate links.

I will watch traffic and revenue stats with interest over the next week or so.

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  1. i have just signed up with the amazon affiliate program and i am still not earning a good deal of cash from them.;’*

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