I’ve been slacking

On three fronts.  Easter revision, Formula 1 Dinners and keeping up with my Election Campaigning game.

Other people on my course claim to do revision over the Easter break so I figured I should do too.  Last year I didn’t do any and so far this weeks has consisted of ordering a book off Amazon and reading through about 10 pages of slide handouts.  We have 4 weeks after we go back before any exams and I am still well and truly in holiday mode (going skiing next weekend).

The Australian GP was met with no formula 1 dinner unfortunately due to me arriving back home from university only to find that the fridge was full of none-Australian food which had to be eaten.  Typical.

On the Election campaigning front – in Selly Oak Labour delivered two more bits of bumpf. The Labour candidate is Steve McCabe, currently an MP in south Birmingham, whose single-sheet newspaper style promotion featured a bizarre photo of him looking like he came from an 80s police drama series on TV speaking into what appears to be a brick. Also features him being interviewed by some local ‘respectable’ journalist type (you can tell I no longer have the paper can’t you) with lots of the answers ending in just how terrible the Conservatives and Lib Dems would be. No bonus points though you can’t really blame him for not wanting to be seen alongside Gordon Brown can you. The front page story was about Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury (who have a big factory at Bournville), perhaps this is the reason for the purple and not red tinge to the paper. (lab +1).

Also received a letter from McCabe and the local council candidate incorrectly addressed to a Mr P Gabble which is apparently how I appear on the electoral roll in the Midlands. I was even sent voting card in that name for someone who doesn’t exist. Secure. Won’t be voting there anyway. (lab +1).

Back home, will count these points separately so Labour don’t suffer so badly, have already received single sheets from the Conservatives and Lib Dems and a letter from George Osborne. Lib Dems are jumping on the Claire Ward (Labour MP who spends a lot on bottled water and has a second home 20 miles away in Westminster) bandwagon saying that the Conservatives have said they will close the local hospital if they are voted in (which they never said). I’m pretty sure both parties said that only they could beat Labour. (con + 3) (lib + 2). Not doing too well on the photo front at the moment.

Scores: Selly Oak: Lib 2, Lab 2 Watford: Con 3, Lib 2

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